Mason Co. Man Continues Good Friday Tradition of 8 Mile Walk With Cross

It was a long walk to church for a man this Good Friday, walking eight miles, dressed as Jesus, cross in tow.

It’s all to inspire people for the season.

This is the fourth year Ed Lombard has taken on the feat.

He starts at Lake Michigan in Ludington and walks all the way to Our Savior Lutheran Church in Scottville.

Lombard says the inspiration came to him while he was driving his truck.

Now he says his goal is to inspire others on Easter and Good Friday.

“The true meaning of what Easter is all about and what Christ is all about. You know about the sacrifice for us and how much he loved us and that’s, that’s my main goal.  I hope someone may actually find maybe an inspiration to come to church,” he said.

Lombard says he’ll be doing the walk as long as his health holds out and then says his son will follow his footsteps.