Local Law Enforcement Reflect on Changes Made 20 Years After Columbine Shooting

The Columbine shooting lead to major changes for schools and law enforcement across the country.

These gut-wrenching images from Columbine High School remain impossible to forget 20 years later.

It was a shooting like the United States had never seen and it made school safety part of everyday conversation.

“I think that I would be in the same boat as most people when you talk about seeing those initial images and hearing about kids being murdered in their school, that was something at the time that just wasn’t really heard of,” said Lt. Travis House.

Lt. Travis House was a trooper with the Michigan State Police when the shooting happened.

He says this shooting marked the start to a number of changes for law enforcement including how they respond to active shooters.

“The shift was made for officers as they arrive if there’s an active shooting taking place to use their training experience and things that have been put into place to attack that threat immediately and try and neutralize it,” said House.

The last 20 years have also seen schools make significant security upgrades and an increase in school shooter trainings for first responders.

“Something that serious is going to bring a lot of public resources out in a big hurry so we try to bring those resources to the table for these trainings,” explained House.

All in effort to prevent another tragedy like Columbine.

“A lot has changed for us since then. That was a real eye opener and a change in philosophy for the way that we deal with those sorts of situations,” said House.