Live Stream Your Event With Help From Mane Content

Mane Content, previously known as 9&10 Creative Services, is a Michigan-based, full service production group that is ready to help you live stream your event through YouTube or Facebook and produce your dream video.

The videos created by Mane Content are conceived and developed by the team to create a well-defined production. They provide writers, directors, editors, camera operators, and licensed drone pilots. 

Engaging followers, family, friends, fans, and employees is a big goal of Mane Content’s. They want to promote your message through an aesthetic and inspirational video, live or recorded. All live video is also saved for distribution and safe keeping.

Mane Content is also available to be contracted for a longer period of time to create content to keep your followers endlessly engaged.

The way that they create video is by pairing their technical skills with a client’s personal ideas and goals. They do the heavy lifting while you sit back and enjoy while pitching ideas and inspiration. They create the storyboard, schedule the shoots, edit the footage, and then place it on your desired platform to make the client’s experience stress-free.

To contact Mane Content for all your videography needs, click here.

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