Association to Rescue Kritters Holding ‘Baby Shower’ Event at Tractor Supply

Springtime means you’ll see more young critters running around Northern Michigan.

And one Northern Michigan nonprofit wants to keep them safe.

The Association to Rescue Kritters or A.R.K., in Saint Helen rescues, rehabilitates and returns injured and orphaned wild animals to their habitat.

In the springtime they typically rescue dozens of animals a week including squirrels, raccoons, owls and eagles.

A.R.K. is holding a “baby shower” at Tractor Supply Saturday.

They will be collecting donations and handing out lists of items they need.

A.R.K. will also have their birds of prey on site for the public to see.

They will be at tractor supply in Houghton Lake tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.