Redacted Version of Mueller Report: What’s In It & What Comes Next

Two years of a special counsel investigation, hundreds of interviews and warrants all led to today.

The redacted Mueller report is out.

And Thursday the attorney general said some members of congress will have access to the 400-page report with fewer redactions.

It shows what special counsel Robert Mueller and his team found while investigating Russian election interference, stating the president and his campaign never colluded with Russia.

According to the report, the president said “this is the end of my presidency” when told that a special counsel had been appointed. But the report found no collusion.

Mueller’s team says there was simply not enough evidence to establish that President Trump or his associates were involved in a criminal conspiracy with Russia.

But it says he was elected with the help of Russia.

Attorney General William Barr also concluded there wasn’t enough evidence to establish that the president committed obstruction of justice.

Mueller did not reach a conclusion on that question and we’ve learned the special counsel’s team was split.

The special counsel declined to charge a sitting president with obstruction. But specifically stated that does not mean President Trump has been exonerated.

President Donald Trump reacted to Barr’s conclusions with a Game of Thrones inspired tweet that says ‘Game over.’

Democratic leaders are calling on Robert Mueller to publicly testify about the report’s findings as soon as possible.

Attorney General Barr says he and his office redacted grand jury material, classified information, information that could impact any ongoing investigations and other information that could harm someone not indicted.

Barr says nothing from the Mueller report was redacted based on executive privilege.

That means the president did not ask for any part of the report to be withheld from the public and Congress.

Now Attorney General Barr has given Congress a version of the Mueller report that only has grand jury information redacted.

During the nearly two year probe, Mueller charged six of the president’s associates with crimes ranging from lying to the FBI to tax evasion.

Mueller also indicted 25 Russian nationals on charges related to hacking or disseminating false information.

In all, the Mueller report brought 191 criminal charges, resulting in five guilty pleas and five convictions.

Our crews are going through the more than 400+ page report and will continue to bring you more details as we learn them.

You can read the full report here.

This story is being updated as we learn more details, so be sure to check back regularly.