Mueller Report: Locals Weigh-In on Findings

For the past two years many have followed along as the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election unfolded.

With the redacted Mueller Report now public, people in Northern Michigan are weighing in.

“I’m proud of Trump for not trying to intercede in anyway, just letting it unfold,” Emmet County Resident Dan Steiger, said.

With the report now public, some like Steiger are hoping it’s the end of a drawn-out investigation.

“I’m just glad it’s over, but I don’t think it’s over. I think they are going to keep doing stuff to get him out [of office], they just hate him that much,” Steiger, said.

“I wish they’d start investigating the so-called democrats,” Steiger, added.

For those we spoke with the findings did not seem to change their opinion of the president one way or another.

Chris Koyish summed it up on Facebook saying, “The people who like Trump still like Trump and find more reasons to support him. The people who never liked trump, still don’t like trump and will never be happy until he is out of office.”

“What disturbs me is all the money our government has spent on doing these reports and bringing all the people in, for what?” Petoskey Resident Ben Blaho, asked.

“I personally feel they should have spent all their time running the government looking out for the best for the American people, rather than being so tied up all hours fighting the direction they want to go,” Blaho, added.

Though David Kline believes the investigation was fruitful, writing on Facebook, “35 indictments, 8 guilty pleas. That’s a lot of witches caught in this witch hunt, not to mention it did verify Russia did interfere.”