Hook & Hunting: Platte River Fish Hatchery, Stocking Operations Underway

Spring is here and that means the fish are flowing into lakes, rivers and streams throughout Michigan.

The Platte River Fish Hatchery in Benzie County is the source for the fish stocking operations that are now underway.

It’s one of the busiest times of the year for the DNR.

They’ll spend 10 weeks on the road with fish stocking units, delivering fish all across the state from the Indiana state line to Escanaba.

The Platte River Fish Hatchery’s Paul Stowe says there are 15 stocking sites for coho salmon, three locations for chinook, and four more sites for Atlantic salmon.

“We put fish out into the public waters, hoping that they will then grow and then hoping that someday an angler will be able to catch that fish and release or bring it home for table fare,” he says.

The other busy time of year is the fall, when the DNR does the salmon egg-takes across the state.

The sport fishing industry in the Great Lakes is estimated to be a $5 to $11 billion industry.