LSVT BIG and LOUD: Program for Parkinson’s Patients

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease that often starts with a tremor of the hand.

According to, there are approximately 10 million people worldwide who live with this.

Carol Nilsson is a wife and caregiver for her husband Jerry, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s two years ago.

“It’s a disease that affects the muscles and your ability to do things as it progresses and the objective of this program is to slow it down,” Carol says.”It won’t take it away, but it will slow it down.”

While there is no known cure, patients have other options.

A nationwide program called LSVT Big and Loud is providing the opportunity for people with Parkinson’s the chance to strengthen their speech and mobility right here in Northern Michigan.

The hope of this program is to slow the disease down and not let the symptoms of Parkinson’s take over one’s body.

Jerry Nilsson is staying positive and doing daily exercises that are keeping him on his toes.

“The big portion is to stretch everything to the max,” Jerry says. “That’s the big – you don’t go halfway you go all the way up and stretched. It really loosens you up to keep going,” Jerry says.

This program also works on using their voice through speech therapy. Many with the disease are known to talk quietly or speak really fast.

“It’s pretty hard to get around if you can’t talk and express what you need to convey to people,” Jerry says.

The Nilssons are committed and glad to be seeing results.

“We do them every day and we’ll be doing them every day, seven days a week for the rest of our lives,” says Carol.

If you want more information on this program, click here.

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