2 Elderly People Found Dead in Grand Traverse Co. Home from Gunshot Wounds

“Upon our arrival we found two deceased individuals inside the home, a male and a female,” Lt. Barsheff said.

Two people were found dead in their Grand Traverse County home. The sheriff’s department continues their investigation as they wait for autopsy results.

A concerned family member called 911 around 9:30 Tuesday night, asking officers to check on the people living at a home in Long Lake Township.

When officers arrived at the home on Loons Call Drive, they say two elderly people inside the home were already dead from apparent gunshot wounds.

The sheriff’s office says they have no reason to believe anyone else was involved.

They’re not looking for any suspects, and no arrests have been made.

“It’s a tragic situation that the family, you know, needs prayers from people to help them through this. And we will to our best to try to find some answers as to what occurred,” Barsheff said.

The sheriff’s department says they will release the identities of the elderly man and woman who lived at the home Thursday.