The Village of Kalkaska to Sell Land for Future Medical Marijuana Facilities

“I think it would actually help the community with financial problems that they have,” said Kaitlin Patches, who lives in the Village of Kalkaska.

The Village of Kalkaska could soon see more medical marijuana facilities around town. 

The village says they’re getting on board for this booming business.

Village council members voted to sell two village-owned properties to be used for medical marijuana facilities in the future.

“I would think that’s actually an amazing investment to do,” said Patches.

For some, the idea of additional medical marijuana facilities in the Village of Kalkaska is a good thing.

“I would look forward to seeing it and I support it completely,” said Patches.

The two lots up for sale include one off of East Dresden street.

The other is near the clean water plant and airport.

Shannon Moore lives near the East Dresden property.

She says when she first moved to town, she wasn’t aware of the existing medical marijuana developments.

“Our first impression when we found out that it was just around the corner really, we’re kind of surprised and we weren’t super fond of it like having a kid,” explained Moore.

However now, she says it’s not really a concern for her.

“After thinking about it and knowing that it’s been there and we had no idea, it really bothers us a lot less,” said Moore.

In fact, she sees it as a benefit.

“I think that it could be good for the community if it does bring In more money and more jobs and things like that,” said Moore.

The village president tells us that they have several medical marijuana developments in the works and see this as another opportunity to increase revenue from what he says is a blooming industry.

“I think some people will be upset and some people won’t because I know that there’s a lot of people that support that,” said Patches.