Recovery N.O.T.E.S: Healing Through Music and Performance

People Recovering from Substance Abuse meet at Red Sky Stage in Petoskey

Recovery N.O.T.E.S in Petoskey is giving people who are recovering from substance abuse the opportunity to have fun and perform in a safe environment.

Sean Baxendale says, “We need something to do when we recover. Not just sit at home and so this is a great place that is safe and drug free to come to.”

On the second Sunday of every month you can find this group getting together at the Red Sky Stage in downtown Petoskey giving people a reason to enjoy sobriety.

“You can still be creative, you can still fit in, still express yourself and we accept everyone no judgement,” says Jessica Garfield.

In many cases the constant pressure of life and career have led to drinking or drugs but no two stories are the same.

Steve Garfield says, “I used to live a life where I had a lot of fun this and that so I’ve chosen not to do that now so I focus on spending time with my family, making music and donating my time to recovery notes to help other people have fun going down the same road I’m going down.”

Today all of these people are living and thriving. Putting their best self out there on stage. “People thought that I could offer something and it turns out I can and I feel great about myself,” says Sean Baxendale.

Recovery is about progression not perfection. Giving these performers and musicians the opportunity to find contentment in their sobriety. Jessica Garfield says, “you do matter. You will get through this, you deserve a life and it’s not over and we’ll fight together.”

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Recovery N.O.T.E.S is accepting donations through Harbor Hall in Petoskey. Make sure to specify the donation is for Recovery N.O.T.E.S

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