Michigan AG’s Office Hosts Scam Seminar at Traverse Area District Library

The Michigan attorney general’s office is holding a seminar to help spread awareness about scams, especially online.

The Consumer Education event will be held Monday night at the Traverse Area District Library. 

It will go over a variety of topics such as phone, mail, and e-scams, as well as home repair, investment and in-home care scams.

The library says scam schemes are evolving and it’s important to know what you’re up against.

“The scammers these days are so good at what they do that people fall victim all the time, and we see it here in the library in our computer lab. People ask us questions at the reference desk like ‘how do I stop it?’ So it was really important for everyone to know because they are everywhere,” explained Michele Howard with the Traverse Area District Library.

The library and the attorney general’s office plan to hold more events like this.

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