Isabella County Sheriff: Man Accused of Trying to Kill Woman

A man is in jail, accused of attempted murder in Isabella County.

Police say Larry Reeve tried to kill is his girlfriend Friday morning. 

The victim in the case says Reeve got upset after she received a phone call.

She was in bed at the time and Reeve’s accused of throwing her around the bedroom, putting a belt around her neck, and dragging her around the home.

He then grabbed a knife and threatened to kill her.

Police say Reeve took her into the bathroom and held her head under water, then dragged her outside.

“I think she was very lucky. Even in the statements to the deputies, she made some comments that she thought she was going to die and not see her family or kids again. I think she was very lucky, and I think she was very scared,” said Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main.

Reeve is being held on a $3 million bond.

His next court appearance will be on April 18.