City of Cadillac Reaches Tentative Settlement Over Cadillac Junction Property

The city of Cadillac has reached a tentative settlement in the lawsuit over the long disputed Cadillac Junction property.

Under a tentative agreement, the area where M-55 meets US 131 east of Cadillac will now be under the city of Cadillac’s jurisdiction. 

For years, the city of Cadillac, the Junction’s developers, Haring Charter Township and Clam Lake Township have been in and out of court discussing who has control over the property.

This tentative agreement says Cadillac and Clam Lake Township will form a joint planning commission to move forward with the future of the property.

Cadillac will also provide water and sewer service to the Cadillac Junction area by contract.

Haring Charter Township and Clam Lake Township still need to sign off on the deal.