Paradise Emergency Services is Proud of their Recent ISO Rating

“The community has been so excited with the Paradise Emergency Services,” said Paradise Township Supervisor, Rob Lajko.

It’s been one year since the Paradise Emergency Services formed.

It happened after the Grand Traverse Rural Fire Department dissolved.

With a year under their belt, Paradise Emergency Services just released their rating from the Insurance Services Office, or ISO and they are very pleased with it.

“Establishing a new fire department was busy in the beginning,” said Bill Parker, Fire Chief for Paradise Emergency Services.

They’re proud to say they just received an ISO rating of three.

If you don’t already know, that’s a very good thing.

“They come in and evaluate the fire departments in the nation to see how could your fire department is, how good your dispatch center is and how good your water system is,” said Parker.

An ISO rating is the only accreditation fire departments receive from insurance companies.

“There is 43,000 fire departments in the United States, only 12% obtain the ISO of three,” said Parker.

So what does this mean for people who live there? Lower insurance rates.

The fire chief says people must reach out to their insurance companies about getting this new lower rate.

“Our biggest benefit is going to be in the Village of Kingsley and then also the Township of Paradise as an ISO six, which will also see a reduction in those rates too and that will be for five miles from the fire station to your residence,” explained Parker.

Paradise Emergency Services combines fire and EMS for 24/7 services, year round.

“The response time that the residents see anywhere in our township is less than seven minutes and that is leaps and bounds and better than it ever used to be,” said Lajko.

Someone to attest to that is Carol Inman.

“This has been an unusual year for our family. We’ve had to use the ambulance service four times this year,” said Inman.

She says they got to her house within five minutes of her call.

“I was very impressed with was the quality of the medical care we received,” said Inman.

Looking forward she’s happy to say she can depend on them.

“I feel very safe having had that service and experience because as you get older you just never know what opportunities lie ahead of you, and it’s just very reassuring to have that quality of care,” said Inman.