Families Celebrate the 10th Annual Clare Egg Drop

Easter eggs were scattered across a field.

It was all part of the 10th annual Clare Egg Drop, which took place at the Clare Municipal Airport Saturday.

Now typically an airplane drops the eggs but because it was so windy, they had to find another way.

Despite that, it sounds like everyone still had a great time.

“Keep an eye open,” said Makayla Woods.

That’s her strategy when it comes to getting the most Easter eggs.

Her goal? She says 30.

Well we’ll have to see about that.

“Yeah, we got a lot,” said Woods.

Maybe not 30, but she seems satisfied.

Usually these eggs fall from the sky out of an airplane.

But Mother Nature had other plans including a lot of wind.

“Little too much for our airplane that we drop out of, so we are able to spread them pretty evenly with a pickup truck and a couple of volunteers in the back,” said Gary Todd, airport manager at Clare Municipal Airport.

“Of course it kind of puts a damper on things because everybody wants to see the eggs, you know, come from the airplane,” said Joy Simmer, director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Clare.

But with some help from Smoky the Bear and the Easter bunny, families and kids still made the most of the egg drop, or toss.

“Little cold, but they had an awesome time,” said Cassie Woods, who brought her kids Saturday.

There were plenty of other activities keeping everyone entertained.

“They got to go inside an airplane which was a first experience they ever had with that,” said Cassie Woods.

There was also fire trucks, police cars and a whole lot of dancing.

Kids recycled their eggs in for some treats.

“We had a lot of prizes for the kids for different things, so even if they didn’t get as many eggs as they wanted to, they would still get the same amount of candy,” said Simmer.

Organizers say the turnout was so great they used up all of their candy.

“Hopefully next year we’ll have better weather and we’ll have to make sure we have any more candy,” said Simmer.