Munson Medical Center to Begin Major Construction on Monday

New construction at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City means detours to places like the emergency room.

The hospital begins two major projects Monday.

One is on Sixth Street, the other is near their emergency entrance.

Beaumont Place will be closed at Sixth Street through May 13th.

Access to the Cowell Family Cancer Center will still be available off Madison Street.

The emergency department entrance at Elmwood and Seventh Street will be closed for work on kid’s creek.

A temporary entrance will shift to medical campus drive.

“This kids Creek project will be less than a couple months and we’ll be done with this so we’re hoping that will be resolved with the traffic flow rather quickly. The work over on the north side will be going on for the next couple years and be on going,” said Steve Tongue, Vice President for Facilities.

The Madison Avenue entrance to the Cowell family cancer center will be closed from May 15 through June 14.

During that time you will be able to access it from the east side of the newly shifted Sixth Street.