Mother and Son Reunite After 50 Years

Fifty years.

That’s how long it’s been since this mother saw her son.

That changed, Friday.

After complicated, personal circumstances separated Bernadette Wieler from her son Charles when he was just 2, he spent his life thinking she was dead.

But Friday they reunited face to face.

“I’m anxious, I know that,” said Charles Marville, just minutes before being reunited with his mother. “I think she’s more anxious than I am.”

After being told early on his life that his mother had died, Marville spent his life looking for answers.

“Growing up, I remember a kitchen full of phone books from Baltimore, Maryland and him scrolling through all the pages he could with similar last names and calling them to see if they knew of any family,” said Jason Davidson, Marville’s son.

After calling it quits, Davidson picked up where his dad left off.

“I thought I would maybe at least be able to find a grave site or something,” said Davidson. “I just had his memories and what I could find in public records online. She doesn’t have the internet, no Facebook, social media, it would’ve made it a lot easier.”

While scouring public records, one name kept popping up.

So he took a chance and wrote a letter to Bernadette Wieler.

“Months went by. I expected to maybe not hear anything back and now we know that she was ill and in the hospital and then misplaced the letter with the information,” explained Davidson.

Months later, he heard back.

Friday, Marville was reunited with his mom.

“Ok I’m nervous,” said Marville.

“You’re beautiful, so beautiful,” Wieler cried after seeing her son’s face for the first time in 50 years. “I’ve got a son, daughter -in-law, grandson and a granddaughter. All in one day. All in one day.”

An overwhelming day full of nerves, joy and happy tears..

“I’m nervous. I’m shaking. I’m happy,” said Wieler. “I am the person they were looking for and I’m so happy they did that. I have a family I didn’t even know I had.”