Hometown Tourist: At Home in Suttons Bay

When you drive along M-22 on the Leelanau Peninsula through Suttons Bay, you’ll find a store called At Home, where the owner loves to curate things that are inspired by Northern Michigan.

David Lyden and Erin Malone take us there for this week’s Hometown Tourist.

Peggy Miller was an interior designer first and now owns At Home in Suttons Bay, where the goal is just that: to make those that visit feel at home.

“I like to help people pick the right piece, and I really like to focus on the fact that it’s their home and they live there, it’s not mine, so it has to be what they love,” explained Peggy.

When you visit her store, you’ll find all sorts of items from local furniture pieces to gifts for the host and even children’s room decor and gifts.

It’s all speaks to a kind of art form that is putting finishing touches that make where you live a home.

A goal they have is to find pieces that speak to different Northern Michigan schemes.

For Peggy, it’s about curating memorable pieces for your home or as a gift!

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