Business in Focus: EDUStaff Helps Fill Need for Substitute Teachers

A call for help in the classroom.

All of Michigan is dealing with a bit of a teacher shortage. We need to get people in those classrooms.

Lezlie Grinage, with EDUStaff, says their primary focus is on helping school districts locate and secure substitute teachers.

She says you can get involved in education on your schedule. EDUStaff doesn’t just recruit, they also train.

“I think that’s something most people want because they maybe haven’t been in the classroom,” Grinage says. “That’s the real misconception. People think you have to have a teaching certificate to be a substitute.”

In the state of Michigan, you only have to have 60 credit hours from an accredited college, university or community college. Grinage says after that, EDUStaff will apply for a substitute teaching permit on your behalf and then you are free to substitute in any public school in Michigan. .

“But we also know people need training, so we provide two hours of free training,” Grinage says. “Our saying is we’re not in the babysitter business and you’re not a babysitter.”

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