After Crash, Emmet Co. Woman Feels Financial Stress from No-Fault Insurance System

Michigan drivers pay the highest car-insurance rates in the country, partly due to our no-fault insurance system.

Lawmakers in Lansing say fixing the system is a top priority for both parties but right now the system is causing financial stress for drivers across the state.

9&10 News met a driver in Emmet County who’s feeling the financial burden from a crash that wasn’t her fault.

“I could understand if it was just a minor accident, a fender bender, but this wasn’t. Myself or my dog could have got killed,” Samantha Miller, said.

Samantha Miller’s life changed at a Harbor Springs intersection last week.

“I looked over to my left saw a car coming but it was a little bit away so I started pulling forward, the next thing I know I was hit, spun. He ran the stop sign at 60 miles per hour. I was basically pinned-in the Jaws of Life had to come get me,” Miller, explained.

An ambulance took miller to the hospital for some minor injuries she’s still recovering from.

Police ticketed the other driver, but Miller says she’s paying more after the crash she didn’t cause.

“He’s not liable for any of this right now. I had to do everything to clean up the mess right then and there and now I’m financially strapped,” Miller, said.

She says the high cost of insurance forced her to get a basic plan to begin with.

“Unfortunately I cut my insurance down so I could be legal, but I’m still in a way getting punished when it wasn’t my fault,” Miller, added.

Miller says she now has to shell out nearly $900 for the ambulance ride and more for treatment or pay her insurance’s $5000 deductible to cover it.

She also had to pay a clean-up fee of $500, which she couldn’t afford.

“I was charged for that so I had to turn over the title to my car,” Miller, explained.

“It’s been a mess. I just want it to be known for everybody out there who has no-fault, this could happen to you, and I don’t want it to happen to you,” Miller, said.

Miller is now looking at if she can take legal action against the other driver.