Central Michigan University Offers Escape Room Experience

One hour to get through six locks.

There is an escape room on Central Michigan University’s campus and it’s leaving people puzzled. This campus-wide project is getting countless colleges and departments involved – offering the public an escape from their every day realities. 

Professor of History and Director of the Game Center at CMU, Jonathan Truitt says, “We’re looking for something that can connect with different types of thinkers. they could come through and puzzle solve but also focus on communication and just sort of observe and problem solve.”

In any escape room there are different objectives and scenarios. This particular escape room was based off the novel Station Eleven. Senior at CMU and member of the Leadership Institute explains, “There were a series of different codes that we found and clues that we had to find that led to unlocking different locks.”

Although there is always an end goal, people are leaving with much more than just unlocking a box. They’re leaving with teamwork and leadership skills that they can take with them once they “escape”.

“I think if we were all the same – we would all be fixating on the same things and wouldn’t be able to get all of this stuff accomplished because if we’re all working the same way then the same things are going to stump us and we’re not going to move past that,” says Markie Heideman.

If you are looking for your opportunity to escape, click here. 

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