Sweetwater Floral: Easter Centerpiece Tips

The last snow melt of the season is yet to come, but you can still bring the scents and colors of spring into your home.

Kalin Sheick, from the design studio Sweetwater Floral, specializes in wedding flowers. But she’s also got great tips for any occasion.

Including Easter!

One tip she has—pick out a great vessel or vase as a table centerpiece.

“I don’t want anyone to stress about the flowers, but I do want everyone to take maybe 15 to 20 minutes to think about it ahead of time,” she says. “I mean, it makes a big impact. This took me 2 minutes to throw together.”

Watch the video above to see how Kalin and Michelle Dunaway style this centerpiece and to pick up more great tips.

Or for more information on Kalin and Sweetwater Floral, head to sweetwaternorth.com.

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