Miss Michigan Shares Her Story as a Sexual Assault Survivor in Traverse City

Miss Michigan Emily Sioma was in Traverse City Thursday sharing her story as a sexual assault survivor at the Milliken Auditorium.

Emily survived two sexual assaults that happened when she was a student at the University of Michigan. 

She wants to spread her message to communities to help surround and support sexual assault survivors with solace and solidarity.

She hopes her message can help others come to terms with their sexual assault.

“I’m hopeful that if someone is a survivor and they’re coming to this talk and they have not shared or disclosed what has happened to them with anyone, that they feel confident in knowing there will be people out there that will believe you and who will listen to you and support. Also, to hopefully inspire communities to know that it’s within our own power to make a difference in the lives of survivors,” said Sioma.

She says a sexual assault should not define someone but help them find their own strength.