Man Responsible for Traverse City Laundry Fire Asked to Step Forward

A Grand Traverse County laundromat was closed after a recent fire.

Now they want the person who started it to come forward.

Surveillance video shows a fire that did thousands of dollars in damage.

It happened at Traverse City Laundry at 14th and Division on April 1.

Manager Brandon Zagunis says he doesn’t think the person that started the fire did it intentionally. But he believes a man came in to do several loads of laundry with clothes and rags that may have been covered in cooking oil.

Two of the dryers caught fire, and now the laundromat hopes the man will come forward.

“Help us to incur some of the cost of maybe deductible from insurance, or maybe his own insurance, maybe they’d like to pick it up, or maybe just come forward so he knows not to do it again to anybody else’s establishment,” Zagunis says.

Five dryers were damaged in the fire.

The manager says replacing them and fixing fire damage will cost 40 to 60 thousand dollars.

Anyone with information is asked to come forward.