Grant Me Hope: Joshua

Joshua is a fun-loving 7-year-old who loves to create and learn.

He is waiting patiently for a new family and would love some brothers and sisters to play with!

Joshua describes himself as nice and funny. 

“I am nice and funny and I love people so much! And I am a nice person. I am cute and funny, and I love Legos so much!” said Joshua.

Joshua is an energetic kid who can be as cute as a 5-year-old one minute and the next he’ll say something as profound as a 10-year-old.

Joshua is optimistic he’ll find a forever family to adopt him.

“I want a mom and a dad, and sisters and brothers. Yeah, I want a poodle and I want all the dogs. I want a lot of dogs that are nice. I wish I could buy a lot of dogs, like Chihuahuas and poodles,” said Joshua. “What I like to do for fun is play around. I am ready for a family, and I really want to go there so bad. I need a new family.”

Grant Me Hope is a collaboration between WWTV, Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange and the business community — all working together to find foster children a forever home.

To learn more about Joshua and many other children who are hoping to find their forever family, visit or call 800-589-6273.

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