‘I don’t Think I’d be Able to do College Without Dance’

Central Michigan University's Dance Program is Changing Many Students' College Experience

College is a stressful time for many people.

Between tests, big life decisions and maintaining a social life–it can be tricky finding a balance.

Central Michigan University students are turning to their dance classes as an escape. 

Krystyna Myslinski says, “I have so much stress – everyone around us does. It’s just deadline after deadline and people look at me like I’m crazy adding dance on top of it but it’s not work for me. It’s hard work definitely but it’s a way to be in the moment. Not thinking about graduating in the future or the next test or exam.”

This form of self expression is changing the way people experience college. Encouraging them to feel their best no matter their shape or size.

Ballet Faculty member, Andrea Purrenhage says, “We have very specific stereotypes of what you need to look like and the body you have to have and you get to show people that if you love it (dance) you absolutely can.”

Students like Jazmine Banks are feeling three overwhelming emotions.

“I felt confident, I felt powerful, I felt strong,” she says.

Dance isn’t just fun and games. It’s working your mind, body and spirit.

“It’s strength it’s coordination, it’s discipline and I think students surprise themselves by the end of the semester because they are so transformed mentally and how they process things,” says Andrea Purrenhage.

Taking part in this dance program means more to these dancers than getting a good grade.

“I don’t think I’d be able to do college without dance,” says Krystyna Myslinski.

If you would like more information on the program, click here. 

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