Gov. Whitmer: President Trump’s Order Will Limit States’ Powers to Protect its Water

“My first order will speed up the process for improving vital infrastructure on our nation’s border, such as oil pipelines, roads, and railways.”

The president signed executive orders easing energy regulations Wednesday.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer says they will limit our states’ power to protect its water.

The president says the orders will speed up pipeline projects and cut out some of the bureaucracy for moving oil and natural gas over state and international borders.

One order directs the Environmental Protection Agency to go over rules making it more difficult for states to stop pipelines, citing parts of the Clean Water Act.

The other would transfer the power to approve the building of international pipelines from the secretary of state to the president.

“It will now take no more than 60 days.  That’s a vast improvement.  And the president, not the bureaucracy, will have sole authority to make the final decision when we get caught up in problems,” President Trump said.

Governor Whitmer hit back with this Wednesday afternoon:

“Instead of reinforcing the growing need for environmental protection and clean water, President Trump’s executive order adversely impacts states’ ability to enforce water quality standards. This order seriously damages the division of state and federal authorities established in the Clean Water Act,” Whitmer said.

It’s not clear yet what impact this could have on Enbridge’s Line 5, which runs across the U.S. Canada border.