Be The Match: How Joining This Donor Registry Saves Lives

Someone is diagnosed with life-threatening blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma every three minutes.

A cure exists, but most patients will not find a fully matched donor in their family. And many of those searching for a matching donor are children.

That’s why more people are encouraged to sign up for Be The Match.

Be The Match has a database of willing bone marrow donors. They work to match up the DNA of possible donors with someone that needs one.

It’s one thing to donate to a family member or friend.  But these donors are true heroes for being willing to save a total stranger.

Getting on the registry is super easy. You set up an online profile and complete a DNA swab kit sent to you in the mail. After a simple cheek swab, your registration is complete.

And it could save a life if you end up becoming a match.

Mackenzie Ganzak, with the Versit Blood Center, says the procedure itself is much less invasive and painful than people think. She debunks a few of the misconceptions in the video above.

“When people think of a bone marrow donation they often get it misconstrued with a bone marrow biopsy, which is a more painful procedure for a patient,” she says. “A bone marrow donation 80% of the time…looks very similar to donating plasma or platelets.”

If you are willing to help save a life, you can register for the Be The Match donor registry here.

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