The Munson Manor Hospitality House: A Taste of Community

Volunteer Dinners Hosted every Week Night

The Munson Manor Hospitality House is providing out of town patients the opportunity to unwind and feel comfortable during some of their most stressful times.

Giving visitors like Roger Minton from Sault St. Marie a home away from home.

“It’s more of a family friendly atmosphere, you don’t feel alone.”

The Hospitality House isn’t just giving people a place to stay, they’re also providing a hot meal with the community’s help.

Each week night they encourage those in Northern Michigan to get together and make a dinner for the residents.

The Larkin Group decided to prepare dinner and it was just as gratifying for them as it was for the residents.

Gary Chouinard says, “I think we’ve got some comfort food here tonight that will make someone feel good and welcome and maybe feel a little better if there’s some sadness going on in their life.”

It means more to the residents than many may realize.

Residential Coordinator Hannah Steele says, “It’s meaningful for the guests I think to see that there are people in this community that are rooting for them.”

Roger Minton says this simple gesture is not just about a full, hot plate of food but is more about the sense of community he feels with each bite.

“I don’t think it’s the food itself. I think it’s nice that they have the food but it’s nice that they people take the time to prepare it and the people don’t feel like strangers. They feel more like home.”

If you’re interested in volunteering, email or call (231) 935-2300.

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