NMC Holds Fourth Annual Take Back the Night

“We want to start by believing. That’s the culture that we want to create,” said Jordyn Marsh, an organizer for Northwestern Michigan College’s Take Back the Night event.

Tuesday, they held their fourth annual Take Back the Night event. 

Powerful speeches, singing and a march through downtown Traverse City, all to support survivors of sexual assault.

“For them to be able to just see that people actually do care is very empowering,” said Marsh.

A night to take a stand against sexual, domestic and relationship violence.

“Just seeing the fact that a large group cares and their community cares about them and will believe them is a large impact on their healing,” explained Marsh.

NMC students, alumni and other members of the community marched and sang together, showing a unified voice to end violence.

“Take Back the Night is really a night of empowerment for survivors of sexual assault,” said Miranda Endres, another organizer for the event. “A lot of people have a story of some kind whether it’s their own, a family member, friend. Everyone has a story related to sexual assault.”

Those who attended were encouraged to take a rock that says ‘hope’ on it or make their own with a message like ‘carry on’. They put these rocks in the sand at the bay for others to find.

“Some people are also writing something that they want to let go of on a rock and then throwing them into the bay to let go of that negative energy, those past feelings, things that have been weighing them down and everything and kind of starting a new,” said Endres.

Following the march there was a speak out event, allowing survivors to share their stories.

“I think it’s really moving to hear people talk about their experiences and the emotion behind and it’s really just a vulnerable time for everyone,” said Hannah Carson, an NMC student.

“It is a night to share their stories, share their pain, their triumphs, their successes, how they move forward since it happened,” said Endres.