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Cedar Artist Weaves 2 Ancient Art Forms Together

[gtxvideo vid=”PyJJ4edP” playlist=”” pid=”3EJb0xjK” thumb=”//″ vtitle=”Cedar Artist Weaves 2 Ancient Art Forms Together”]

When people hear art, they normally assume it’s a painting. 

But there are so many different ways to express creativity.

Meet Stephen Kostyshyn, from Cedar, who turns out some beautiful statement pottery by mixing two age-old art forms together.

Pottery and weaving.

“I have always had a love for vessels,” he says. “When I started making pottery, I just loved looking at pots and different forms and it’s just always what’s impressed me. Just followed that path.”

Stephen Kostyshyn’s work can be found at the Asheville Art Museum in North Carolina and at The Dennos Museum Center in Traverse City.

He also does a few shows at the Michigan Artists Gallery in Traverse City where you can purchase his artwork and take it home.

See more of his beautiful creations in the video above.

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