Kalkaska County Man Charged With Arson, Destroying Police Property

The Kalkaska County Sheriff’s Office says a man threatened to burn his house down, threw a carjack through the windshield of a police car, and then actually lit the house on fire during a standoff.

Brian Muma is charged with first-degree arson and destroying police property. 

Deputies say they were called to a home in Excelsior Township Saturday afternoon.

The caller said their neighbor was threatening to burn down their house.

Deputies say Muma was verbally aggressive with them, held a pipe and threatened to pull a gun.

That’s when they say he started throwing things at police and their vehicles.

Muma then went back into the house and barricaded the door.

The sheriff’s office says he then lit the house on fire from inside.

Muma then came back out armed with a large metal object.

Police were able to taser and arrest him.

No one was hurt.

Muma is being held on a $50,000 bond.