Door-to-Door: Frederic Firefighters Install New Smoke, Carbon Monoxide Detectors Free of Charge

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The Frederic Township Fire Department wants to make sure people are well equipped in the event of an emergency.

With a grant from the State Fire Marshal’s office and the Northern Michigan Fire Chief’s Association, they are providing homes with new smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, free of charge.

“Every home that we’ve come across has no smoke detectors or carbon monoxide alarms at all, which is very shocking to us.  At this point we’ve done 17 homes since April 4,” Frederic Twp. Fire Dept. Lt. Allen Ballard, said.

Despite the warnings, smoke detectors are too often an afterthought.

Now Frederic Township Firefighters are on the road literally bringing them to people’s doorsteps.

Making their way home by home, they installed brand new smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Their goal is simple, it’s to save lives.

“In the last two months, we had a few house fires, what we found is our homeowners their lives were saved by working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors,” Ballard, added.

But not everyone would’ve been so lucky.

Over the last several days-they’ve seen the same issues.

One home had 25 year old hard-wired detectors that no longer work. They almost even started a fire themselves.

“On your existing hard wired smoke detector, it actually shorted out up there. It’s a good thing we came and took a look at them, these two need to be completely replaced,” Chief Douglas Pratt, said.

Fire fighters installed new detectors in every bedroom, the basement, and living areas.

They also inspected the outside-as part of their “Firewise” program to protect against wildfires.

The department has hundreds left and are asking people around Frederic and Maple Forest Township to sign up and get an upgrade.

“This program will actually save lives and we’re seeing it firsthand today,” Ballard, added.