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You Can’t Do It Alone: Warriors and Caregivers United

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There’s lots of honor and thanks given to veterans—but what about care?

Often that is left to family members like Stephanie Hall, a military caregiver for her husband, Army veteran Terrance Hall.

Terrance toured Guantanamo and went on to Iraq and Afghanistan. He says Stephanie is invaluable to him.

“You really can’t do it alone,” he says. “When you try to do it alone without help you end up turning to drugs and alcohol. Or both…having a caregiver by your side who has faith in you and understands you—and has other people she can turn to when she’s stressed out—I think is hugely important.”

But the caregiving role is not without its daily struggles.

“Making sure they are getting through their daily activities, making sure they are getting their meds and their being advocated for adequately in the VA and out in the community,” Stephanie says.

She says the biggest struggle for her is time management. Stephanie Stephanie is the Vice President and Event Director of Warriors and Caregivers United.

“I work full time, I’m a mom, I’m his caregiver, so I have to try to manage all that in one day and try to take care of myself as well,” she says.

Stephanie and Terrance say they want to encourage military caregivers to find other caregivers and organizations like WACU.

Learn more at or by watching the video above.

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