Life Changing Laundry: Traverse City Company Doing Good Through Laundry Products

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When you think about changing the world, you probably don’t think of doing the laundry.

But one Traverse City company is on a mission to make the world a better place by doing just that. manufactures natural, refillable laundry products to cut down on laundry product waste that ends up piling in landfills and eventually the ocean. And their products employ vulnerable women in third world countries.

“We thought, how can we help somebody and do something amazing with this product?” said CEO Stephen Ezell.

Four years ago, Ezell searched for ways to manufacture his Dryer Angels, the company’s dryer sheet alternative. He connected with the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf, who told him that 90% of the Deaf community is unemployed in Jamaica.

Ezell wanted to help. He hired four deaf, Jamaican women to sew his angels. He pays them a living wage which helps feed their family and the village. Today, 12 women work for the company and make thousands of Dryer Angels every week.

“We fund an entire village that is empowering and equipping the deaf in Jamaica,” said Ezell.

When business grew, Ezell expanded operations and hired 10 women in Asia to work, too.

“We fund a couple safe houses that are getting women out of sex trafficking [in Asia],” said Ezell. “Once they’re rehabilitated they have sustainable jobs sewing Dryer Angels.”

The Dryer Angels are mailed from Asia and Jamaica back to the Traverse City office, where they are filled with pouches scented with essential oils. Those pouches are mailed to customers around the world.

“What does ending human trafficking or empowering the Deaf have to do with laundry? To 99.999% of the world, nothing. To us, it’s everything,” said Ezell.

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