Former Vanderbilt School Board Member Heading to Prison for Sexual Assault

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“Bernie Matelski is not an honorable man; he’s a rapist.”

Strong words from the prosecution just before the sentencing of a former Vanderbilt school board president.

Bernard Matelski faced sentencing Wednesday after admitting to sexual assault with intent to commit sexual penetration and breaking and entering.

In December of 2017 Matelski was accused of breaking into an Otsego County woman’s home and sexually assaulting her.

In January, Matelski pleaded guilty to the two charges, avoiding a trial.

He will now serve 23 months to 10 years in prison.

In court, the prosecutor said Matelski deserved a harsh penalty.

“When I read recommendation letters from respectable people in the community that tell me how honorable Bernie Matelski is, I get bile raising up in my throat because he’s not. I think he should get a sentence that includes more severe penalty than is recommended here. I think that would reflect the danger he presents to the community,” Otsego County prosecutor Brendan Curran said.

Family members of the victim were also in court to share how the incident affected them.

Matelski will also not be allowed contact with, or come within 500 feet of the victim.