CMU Gymnastics Coach Has 2 Weeks to Respond to Investigation Findings

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“Definitely good to know that they’re worried about their students.”

Central Michigan University presented the findings of their investigation into gymnastics coach Jerry Reighard.

Reighard was placed on administrative leave on February 20.

Wednesday we learned he was accused of directing a student athlete to make false reports about an injury to medical staff.

Jerry Reighard took over CMU gymnastics back in 1984 and now in just two weeks he’ll find out his future here as a coach.

“I was a cheerleader and it’s really intense on your body. I haven’t done those things in four years and I’m still feeling the effects on my lower back and hips,” said Juli Lancaster, CMU student.

One student says it makes her sad if allegations are true that CMU gymnastics coach Jerry Reighard told a student athlete to lie about the severity of their injuries.

“Even when something’s minor like that you don’t know what it’s going to be like in the future so I mean if that is the case, that’s really sad and unfortunate,” Lancaster said.

Reighard, who was named Mid-American Conference Coach of the year nine times has two weeks to respond to the university’s findings through their internal investigation, according to the university’s statement.

“Definitely good to know that they’re worried about their students more than just the numbers or anything like that in the games and stuff,” says Daniel Smalla, CMU student.

One student says he’s happy the university looked into this but isn’t surprised at the allegations.

“Being in high school I remember in football especially how we had teammates and stuff like that be pushed back into the game right after having a concussion where they didn’t even know where they were at so hearing something like that doesn’t really throw me off,” Smalla said.

Again Reighard has two weeks to respond to the 121 page report.

At that point the university will decide his future as a coach here.