Lake Superior State, Ferris State Rank High In Affordability

The fight for affordable college is alive across the country and here in Northern Michigan we have two of the most affordable schools you can find. released their list of the 50 Most Affordable College Educations in the United States and both Lake Superior State University and Ferris State University made the cut.

“I think we can do better and will be looking to move up in that particular ranking,” says Rod Hanley, President of Lake Superior State.

College is expensive and more and more students are looking for the best value, according to the ranking, Ferris State is the 37th most affordable school while Lake Superior State comes in even higher at #14.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to save a dollar here and there to make it more affordable for our students,” says Hanley, “And provide the best value possible,”

“It is vital that we keep our costs down and provide those amenities the students are looking for in their higher education,” says Charlotte Tetsworth, Associate Director of Admissions Processes at Ferris State.

It’s paying off, while enrollment continues to shrink across the state, the Lakers are actually growing.

“We are one of the few schools in the state of Michigan that are seeing enrollment creep upwards,” says Hanley, “We’re really proud of that.”

Both LSSU and Ferris say the key is to keep the price cheap, not the experience.

“It’s an education we would put on par with any other school in the United States,” says Hanley, “If you come here and take organic chemistry or calculus, it’s the same organic chemistry and the same calculus that you would take anywhere in the United States.”

As the country frowns in student loan debt, these students are being more responsible.

“The students these days are a lot more savvy than they have been in the past. The students are starting out in community college or even dual enrolling while they’re still in high school in order to save the family money,” says Tetsworth.

But the competition can’t stop at the invoice, these small schools have to deliver on that value.

“It is one of the larger factors when students start looking at an institution,” says Tetsworth, “But it really becomes less and less when they dig into what is available to them.”