Artist, Book Lover Welds Two Joys Together

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Meet Jan Morrison, an art teacher inspired by her literary love.

This Traverse City artist was struck by an idea that brought both her joys together—enough to make any bookworm proud.

“I majored in sculpture, and then I went into welding and went to welding school in Troy,” she says. “(I) loved that it was your own private Fourth of July and all the sparks. Now I’ve migrated more to the book arts because I have always loved reading. Right up there with art.”

This sculptor turned “book art” maker finds inspiration from everywhere, even the doctor’s office.

“You might be in a doctor’s office and see someone so intently reading, and that gets you thinking about what reading is and how much it penetrates every aspect of our lives, so it kind of drew me in that way,” Morrison says.

You can view more of her work in the video above, or on her website at

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