New Medical Marijuana Dispensary Set to Open in Rogers City

“We are all just super excited to show what Northern Michigan has to offer in the cannabis industry.”

Just weeks after the state issued a round of licenses, a new medical marijuana dispensary is opening up in Presque Isle County.

Meds Cafe is now one of the few licensed provisioning centers in Northern Michigan.

It will help increase access for patients near US-23 in Rogers City as the nearest licensed dispensary is in Omer, two hours away.

From a budding idea to finally getting a state license, it’s been about a three year process to get Meds Cafe to where they are right now and in just a few days they’ll have their opening in Rogers City.

“We are excited that we are going to grow with this business and to be able to get on the ground floor in Michigan,” Co-Owner Scott Schroeder, said.

Schroeder is taking his experience running a restaurant and applying it to his new “cafe.”

Offering access to products he says have helped him.

“I’m a medical cannabis user myself and I haven’t had a drink in nine years, and that’s what I use it for,” Schroeder, explained.

“There has been so many negative stigmas that have been placed on this industry and it’s just going to be very nice to actually ring in a legal sale of marijuana,” Schroeder, added.

From the actual bud to CBD infused sodas, they are stocking the shelves preparing for their opening on Thursday.

Getting ready to serve anyone with a medical card.

“It’s a service that this community needs and the area needs because we are an hour and a half from the nearest dispensary or provisioning center,” Schroeder, said.

Limited access has been a struggle for many medical marijuana patients in Northern Michigan.

“I’ve been a medical card holder for almost two years and I used to travel down to Bay City. It’s around a six hour trip and you are spending money on gas.” Meds Cafe Staff Member Zachary Irving, said.

“There are people who are medical patients who can’t even drive. It’s amazing to just have this accessibility closer to the people in rural areas, it’s great to be a part of that,” Irving, added.

Meds Cafe will be open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.