Ludington Begins Springtime Beach Clean Up

Looking outside it may seem crazy to start thinking about summer but the work has started in Ludington.

Like many lakeside towns, the beach is a key attraction and a lot of work goes in to that stretch of land. The work began Monday in Ludington to be ready to shine by Memorial Day.

“It’s definitely the unofficial start to summer when the beach is open and everything is graded, ready and clean,” says Ludington Public Works Superintendent Joe Stickney.

Summer will be here soon and the winter has been rough to the beach at Stearns Park.

“It’s a mess,” says Stickney, “Basically there’s a lot of sand dunes, a lot of ice at the shoreline.”

Front end loaders have begun moving sand from the parking lot, back the shoreline. The fences have held all winter, trying to keep some order.

“We’ll continue on removing the sand fence and start leveling and grading and cleaning the beach,” says Stickney.

The goal is to be done by Memorial Day and yes, it may take that long even starting on April 1st.

“It’s super labor-intensive,” says Stickney, “They have to go through and take all the fencing down by hand and pull it up and get it out-of-the-way.”

As the premier tourist attraction for the community, it means a lot to Ludington to get this beach cleaned up and ready for the tourists. If Mother Nature had her way and they left it alone, it wouldn’t be quite near as attractive.

“I’ve seen pictures from the 40s and 50s where it was basically just rolling dunes with brush and grass growing on it,” says Stickney.

Many years, the clean up doesn’t go smoothly. Sometimes a surprise winter storm or nesting bird or two slow down the process.

“We have some obstacles to work around from time to time,” says Stickney.

But the work has begun and that’s the first step to summer.

“It’s rough this time of year,” says Stickney, “But it will get better soon.”