Grand Traverse Co. Pastor Facing Charges for Drug Crimes, Sexual Assault

“This is an individual who commands a certain amount of trust just given his title and to hear that he may be using that to perpetrate a criminal act is unfortunate.”

A Grand Traverse County pastor now faces serious drug and sex crime charges.

Christopher Cox was charged with first degree sex crimes and possession with intent to deliver meth Monday afternoon.

He’s also pastor of Long Lake Church in Grand Traverse County.

Christopher Cox remains locked up at the Grand Traverse County jail.

State police say two men came to them last month after they say Cox gave them drugs and sexually assaulted them

“I think as the case continues to unfold the public will want to see what occurred here,” says Lt. Travis House, Michigan State Police

State police say a Traverse City man came to them in mid-March claiming Christopher Cox gave him meth and a date rape drug.

Then a second man came forward with a similar story.

State police say the assaults happened at an office Cox has in Traverse City, not related to his work as a pastor at Long Lake Church.

“We don’t have any evidence to support that his being a pastor at a specific church had anything to do with this but there is some evidence to suggest that he used his position outside the church to further these instances,” House said.

Troopers arrested Cox in Muskegon and say he had meth with him.

Cox’s attorney entered a not guilty plea for him at his arraignment Monday afternoon.

“I had met with Mr. Cox over the weekend to discuss what appeared to be the charges. It’s early in the investigation, we’ve been provided no police reports or other detailed info so our job will be to determine what did or didn’t happen,” Paul Jarboe said.

9&10 News attempted to speak with Long Lake Church Monday, but no one came to the door of the church, or answered the phone.

9&10 News spoke with Cox back in 2016.

He was a board member of TC Retreat, an organization that helps recovering addicts.

“The more opportunities we have, the more that recovery becomes something that people understand.”

State police are asking any other possible victims to come forward.

Cox is due back in court later this month.