Wexford County Manhunt Suspect Charged

Two Northern Michigan communities finally able to breathe a sigh of relief after the man linked to a break-in investigation and manhunt was arrested and charged today.

Today we talked to the party store where this whole case started.

Early Thursday morning, a cashier at Wilderness Party Store in Missaukee County found the store in shambles.

Their surveillance video helped police identify a person of interest. Several hours later, a Michigan State Police trooper tried to pull over a car on South 31 Road near West Lake Mitchell Road.

The man ran away prompting a large manhunt in a swampy area. They called off the search around 7 but then a knock at someone’s door ended the manhunt.

“It’s just a slap in the face to have somebody come and take from us because we help everybody out,” says Andrea Dunn, a cashier at Wilderness Party Store. “ And I looked over here and there was liquor all over the floor, there was cigarettes all over the floor, the cash register was open, the cash box, they had taken everything out of the cash box,” explains Dunn.

She says cigarettes, alcohol and money were all gone. “I was scared. I was really scared, I couldn’t even work yesterday. I thought he’d be back to finish what he didn’t finish yesterday or whatever,” says Dunn.

Their surveillance video helped police identify a person of interest. Police later tried to pull a car over near Lake Mitchell but the driver ran away. He ended up knocking on someone’s door and was arrested.

“I was relieve, very relieved. I very much want to see who it is,” says Dunn.

Corri Maynard was charged today with obstructing-resisting police, 4th offense and reckless driving.

“You’re on parole, you have a history of criminal events, bond will be set at $50,000 cash or surety to secure your appearance. And because you present as a flight risk and a threat to the community,” orders Honorable Audrey Van Alst, Wexford County District Court Judge.

Maynard was on parole for breaking and entering and armed robbery.

We are still keeping a close eye on the breaking and entering case in Missaukee County.