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Hometown Tourist: Indian Hills Gallery

Along M-119 in Petoskey you’ll find a gallery with a unique architecture and even more unique finds inside. It’s , a native owned gallery of beautiful and carefully curated pieces since the early 1970s.

David Lyden and Erin Malone take you there for this week’s Hometown Tourist.

It all started as a little store next door in the early 1970s. Indian Hills Gallery is a must stop along M-119 for a place to find handcrafted native artwork from all around North America.

From paintings and sculptures to a huge variety of sterling silver jewelry and beads to make custom jewelry, they carry many incredible finds here.

You’ll find furniture, blankets, pow wow and native music to a large collection of books on American Indian culture, history and art.

And while some pieces may come from far away, they of course also carry local Ojibwa and Odawa pieces.

Indian Hills Gallery is a beautiful place to admire artwork from around the country and the native cultures all of it celebrates and embodies.