Study: State’s Mental Health System is Drastically Underfunded

The state’s mental health system is drastically under-funded that’s according to a study by the Community Mental Health Association of Michigan.

The study says there’s about a $150 million gap between what’s available and what’s needed.

The group says the need for mental health treatment has grown dramatically over the past several years and state funding has remained stagnant.

The expansion of Medicaid has also caused added stress to mental health organizations.

It’s having an effect in Northern Michigan.

“I’ve actually had to terminate services to people this year because of a lack of general funds. We serve very few people with mental health services that are non-emergency anymore, the funding is just not there for them,” North Country Community Mental Health CEO Christine Gebhard, said.

Gebhard says they are now trying to find additional funding.

Including asking counties in their service area for more, and working with local lawmakers to make changes in Lansing.