Meijer Changes Pharmacy Policy After Woman was Denied Prescription for Her Miscarriage

“I’m very happy Meijer decided to do the right thing and I’m very pleased with the policy,” Rachel Peterson, said.

Meijer is making a major change to their pharmacy policy, months after a pharmacist denied filling a prescription for a woman who was having a miscarriage.

It’s a story we first told you about in October, when the ACLU of Michigan took action on Rachel Peterson’s behalf.

Peterson was denied getting her prescription filled by a pharmacist at Meijer in Petoskey back in July.

The pharmacist cited his religious beliefs and the drug’s use in abortions.

Peterson says the pharmacist refused to even find another pharmacist who could fill the prescription she needed to avoid a more invasive procedure.

Under Meijer’s new policy, pharmacists can still have a religious objection to filling a prescription, but among many other changes, the customer will never know the pharmacist has that objection.

“They changed their training and policies to ensure that all future Meijer pharmacy customers will receive their prescriptions and that no customer will face discrimination like Rachel Peterson did,” ACLU of Michigan Policy Strategist Merissa Kovach, said.

The next biggest change, the company will now deliver a prescription from a nearby store within the hour if no one is available or willing to fill the requested prescription.

“My whole goal in this is to make sure no one had to endure the humiliation I went through last year,” Peterson, said.

Rachel Peterson says she was traumatized and humiliated after she was shamed by the former Meijer pharmacist.

“Women should be able to receive the medication they need from pharmacists with compassion and dignity, it’s not the job of a pharmacist to accuse speculate and shame woman who is actively enduring a miscarriage,” Peterson, explained.

She says the company’s new policy, sets precedence for pharmacies state wide.

“I have comfort knowing that patients will receive their prescription especially without ridicule,” Peterson, added.

According to the ACLU of Michigan, Meijer has already begun training their pharmacy staff on their policy, they’re hoping this ensures what happened to Rachel Peterson doesn’t happen to anyone else.