Higher Self Bookstore: Nourishing your Body, Mind and Spirit

Crystals aren’t just beautiful rocks, they are a way to heal and carry vibrations. Jeff Currier, the owner of Higher Self Bookstore in Traverse City explains that we are drawn to crystals through their different vibrational energies. Some are used to calm people down, others like pyrite are used to make you feel grounded. 

Jeff Currier says, “We’ve done blind studies where we throw it in someone’s pocket and see what happens. They are a lot calmer.”

A crystal many people are familiar and drawn to is called quartz. Jeff Currier says, “We like the shape. They’re natural six sided figures. These are great to use in meditation. It helps when you hold one in each hand and brings clarity to your thoughts and get root to the issues that you’re dealing with so that’s why we call it the master healer.”

The process of picking out crystals to bring into your daily routine can seem overwhelming at first but Jeff says to keep it simple and pick up whatever you’re drawn to first, that’s what you really need in your life.

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