Positive Parenting: How to Help Teens De-Stress

Scientists discovered a simple way to lower stress in teens—here’s a hint, it’s green. 

School. Friends. Social media. Teens today have a lot to be stressed about.

Researchers at Temple and the University of Tennessee wanted to know how to help teenagers de-stress.

They studied 179 urban-area teens for two years.

The participants were given cell phones equipped with GPS.

On certain days, they got text messages with questions about their stress levels.

At the same time, the cell phone recorded their locations on a map.

Results showed teens who spent more time in natural green spaces had lower stress levels, but only if they were away from green spaces near home!

The findings suggest giving teens the opportunity to spend time in natural areas that are not near their home could mean less stress.

Too much stress can lead to depression, poor sleep, obesity, and even substance abuse.

So incorporate more green if you want a happier teen.

Interestingly, the season in which the teens spent time out in nature didn’t affect the results of the study.

So being in a green space even during the fall and winter months was still associated with less stress.

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