Evart Fire Department Saves Homes From Grass Fire

As temperatures get warmer and the snow begins to melt wildfires become a growing risk.

Right now across the state fire danger is high. Tuesday around 2 p.m. the Evart Fire Department responded to a grass fire. It spread to about two acres on the corner of 110th Avenue and 5 Mile Road in Evart.

Several houses were in danger. Thankfully, the fire crews were able to stop the flames from reaching the houses and no one was hurt.

But crews are now looking to talk to one of the homeowners who may have been burning debris.

“Make sure that there’s open burning, if there’s not opening burning please do not do it. We had multiple agencies respond to this fire, it puts everybody at risk, it puts dwellings at risk and the people we have living in these homes,” says Randy Berger, Evart Fire Department’s Assistant Fire Chief.

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